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Unfortunately, the answer is that you can't. That's confirmed pretty conclusively by this bug report/feature request thread in the Chrome development forum. The thread goes all the way back to last March, and posts as recent as a week and a half ago indicate that a means of disabling this behavior has not been implemented. Sadly, recent indications are ...


The compression is actually performed by your carrier. Almost all mobile network carriers compress images to reduce bandwidth use on slow mobile connections. You can avoid the compression by switching to a Wi-Fi network, or using an HTTPS connection to the website you want: since HTTPS is secured from interception, the carrier can't replace the pictures ...


I have tried to do this several times and Google does not support APKs for their emulators. I heard others worked around this by installing the Chromium APKs, but even this doesn't really work well. Your best option is to use a physical device -- this will actually free up your PC resources as well.


This is not the answer you're looking for, but: Create dummy account on Google Login on Android device and enable syncing Login on desktop and enable syncing Install Session Buddy extension on desktop Export tabs


On the Note 10.1, and most Samsung devices, you use the physical menu button to bring up the menu instead of the on-screen three-dots icon. You'll find Share... on that menu as usual.


If you click the three dots menu you should see a 'Find in page' option which allows you to enter the text to look for.


It depends on the website (or its mode) if zoom is supported. Usually, you can't zoom if the site is on mobile mode. For Facebook, the URL would be https://m.facebook.com. However, some browsers like Dolphin or Boat have a setting to configure the default zoom, but sometimes they don't work. (e.g. Dolphin's setting doesn't work if Dolphin Jetpack is also ...


Take your index finger and thumb, spread them apart to zoom in. Conversely take your index finger and thumb, pinch them together to zoom out. Make sure you have selected desktop view, mobile view won't zoom by default. Edit: Double tapping does work in many browsers as well.


There are several services which could be used for that. I'm using Pocket on my mobiles to mark such articles to "read them later" on my PC – which can be done easily with their browser addon (for me, on Firefox – but they have something for Chrome and Safari as well). A different approach would be using a shared clipboard: there are several apps available ...


Try Push Bullet. It let's you push images, links and other things to desktop, tablet, another mobile device etc.

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