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As your original question still isn't answered and I wondered the same, here's the answer. Short answer: No, without root it's not possible to run an SMB server using the default ports so that it's found by Windows PCs. Long answer: SMB either runs on ports 137-139 (UDP and TCP) using NetBIOS or on newer systems (from Windows Vista onwards) directly on TCP ...


In a word: No. In order for all applications on the device to have access to a cifs mount, cifs support needs to be compiled into the kernel (or at least available as a loadable module). I've never seen a device that shipped with such a kernel from the manufacturer. Doesn't mean that they don't exist, I just haven't seen them. Now, for some devices that ...


You have to be rooted and you have to have the kernel module for cifs support. if you have froyo, you also will need slow-work.ko kernel module as well. Once you have those, you can use (shameless plug) Mount Manager, it can handle loading the modules for you automatically and lots of features available for auto mounting when connecting to wifi, and other ...


While it may not be possible to run an SMB server without root or using port forwarding, it is possible to run a WebDAV server without root for a similar effect. Setting up an Android WebDAV server On my stock Nexus 7, I installed WebDAV Server, opened it, clicked on the start button and was immediately able to see my /storage/sdcard folder in my web ...


The issue is not he samba server, but the fact that Windows can access a samba share only on port 445, and on a non-rooted android a normal App can't listen on port 445. But you can overcome this with some TCP port-mapping: Install a samba server on your android, and make it listen on a port like 7777 Install a TCP port-forwarding software somewhere (I ...


Try ES File Explorer. It can access user shared folders + administrative shares.


download es file manager. add shared folder to it by scanning ur network.. video player built in even can put shortcut on desktop. I understand the advantages of what you are doing. it gets the job done without compiling and installing mods.: edit: only works with streaming file formats. copies file over otherwise


Alternatively, you could run a ftp server on your phone to get access to your SD card's content. Check out SwiFTP.


I may be misunderstanding but it sounds like you need an SMB client, not a server. Also, you do not need root access. To use SMB to tranfer files to you computer you can use ASTRO File Manager with the SMB addon, or there's File Expert which is also free. You could also use WebDAV instead of SMB with an app like WebSharing. In the past I used an app ...

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