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It was simply a problem of line endings. Somewhere along the road I modified the lpm file and the line endings of the file were changed to Windows and they were supposed to be to Unix line endings. When you edit a file in a text editor make sure to the correct line endings. Next is a picture of how to do it in Sublime Text:


I used this link to repair my /data directory: Fortunately I was able to boot into fastboot mode the usual way ( Volume down and power at the same time ) unfortunately TWRP kept looping after erring on the corrupted /data folder. I ended up replacing ...


Please note the following are assumptions based on my Linux knowledge. So I cannot 100% back them, especially cannot tell if any/all recoveries work this way. First, some raw facts: as already pointed out, /data/media is a symlink to the SD card resulting of that, the data behind it reside on a different partition that other partition is usually not ...

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