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There are multiple ways to do this, most of them requiring adb being available on your computer: How can i do factory reset using adb in android? gives this solution: adb shell recovery --wipe_data How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset and Format Android Phones and Tablets gives detailed instructions on doing this with fastboot (including setting up your ...


Here is the method we followed : Update the recovery to a newer version (We used TWRP 2.8) Install a new ROM. (We installed CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop) Extract that ROM and flash the boot.img manually (using ADB and Fastboot) Boot into the ROM. Done ! Note : Always remember to take a NANDroid backup before you install anything to your phone !


you can't remove them with your pc -- they are write-protected. it only works if they're on the external SD.


After wiping the cache from recovery and waiting a while, the phone booted up and I was able to uninstall Hearthstone.


As Moto g received the Lollipop update recently, other roms should adopt the changes. If you want a working phone you can flash the stock firmware or you can sideload a custom rom but this requires a computer and fastboot files installed. I encountered this problem and solved this as follows: If you have installed fastboot files on computer and a custom ...


This is on Other Resurrection Remix ROM's is normal.You're right, i had the same problem with that.But try this (i fixed with below after two try) : Just like this ; (it maybe take a ten minute or more) Download the latest build of Resurrection Remix ROM Take a nandroid backup Flash ROM usingrecovery Flash Gapps (Latest build, availabe in here !) Wipe ...

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