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It is stored in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backups/<software version with time stamp>/ It isn't supposed to be a hidden folder, but it might be in case someone changed something. Try connecting your device to your computer and see if the folder shows up there.


Follow these steps: Download the flashable ZIP for SuperSU app into your device. It would have both the APK as well as su binary. Choose the build of your choice: Stable or Beta. Boot into the custom Recovery → flash the ZIP → Reboot. After the boot animation you would see "Android is upgrading" dialog for few seconds. Once booted to Home ...


I solved my own issue, and am now posting the solution I found as an answer. The battery had died without me realizing it. I originally tried to charge the phone for about half an hour (before posting the question) but had no luck. I then tried again later on using a different charger which did work.


Try: adb pull /sdcard/0/clockworkmod/backup C:\Users\ArtyNinja\Documents\Backup\1970-01-\ or adb pull /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup C:\Users\ArtyNinja\Documents\Backup\1970-01-\

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