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Most of the answers have become a bit dated so here is an update: Nandroid Manager doesn't seem to be developed any more and doesn't work reliably with the latest versions of Android anymore. But it's worth a try. In my case, about half of my apps were successfully restored and for most of the ones where "restore app + data" failed, "restore data" alone ...


The device model is hard-wired into the recovery image. Make sure that you have flashed the right recovery image for your device. E.g. TWRP lists the recovery images for both N5100 and N5110 on the same page. If you accidentally flash the wrong image, the device will still boot in TWRP recovery (the hardware differences are minimal). However, you will have ...


Will installing the CWM Recovery in fastboot mode break my CM13? No, why would it? But before flashing your custom recovery make sure to disable the setting Update Cyanogen recovery or Update CM recovery or a similar setting under developer-options. Afterwards, flash your custom recovery the way you want. If that doesn't work, flash a custom kernel ...


Use aroma file manager. A file manager which allows u to operate delete anything in recovery mode. So that u can delete the gasture key or the pin data from the root file system U can download it from xda official website


It wont Work as the two recoveries are only compatible with their own files. Xda has a thread on this:

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