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Remove your Google account from phone. To do this, go to Settings -> Accounts. Now removal process depends on device and OS version so you will have to find how to remove it on your own. Now go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play services -> Delete Data/Clear Cache. Do the same procedure for Google Play Store app. Reboot device and try to add account again. ...


If you have an Static IP Address to connect a router, then you'll have to long press your wifi name and then advanced options then enter a IP Address manually.


I found out that disabling the AFwall+ firewall solved my problems. Now everything works. This has worked with the previous provider, and I don't understand how changing the simcard can result in this.


Had the same problem and nothing worked until I made sure I was using a USB data cable. Maybe the one I was using is for charging only


Solution was in my case: Deactivate AFwall+ 2.0alpha2. The app caused connection problem. A solution that didn't help: Updating your modem/non-hlos to the latest version for your country/carrier.

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