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I had a very similar problem some time ago with my S3. The phone would connect and try to install drivers, but at the end the phone still wouldn't show up no matter how I tried to connect it. If I recall correctly, I had to use the drivers that were shown on this XDA thread. Hope it helps.


I would write this as a comment but I can't. It may be because of the cable. I had this problem with an old cable that kept disconnecting my phone. Even cables that look fine may do this. The problem went away after I bought a new cable.


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Try "Xender Web" Open Xender App in your Smartphone Now see top-right side of the app carefully and click on button to open Connect PC Page Click on “Scan” button and hover your camera to the below given QR code. Note : Use Wi-Fi whenever possible, because using it with Mobile-Data will consume your data quickly.

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