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You need to enable USB debugging on the tablet, and then install the USB drivers on Windows. For explicit instructions, see steps 2.1 and 2.2 in the following guide: How do I install CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Wi-Fi? Again, you don't have to follow the whole guide to install CyanogenMod, just steps 2.1 and 2.2.


The exclamation mark means you have no data connection. Go to Settings and in category Wireless & networks enable Mobile Networks. This assumes Airplane mode is off.


Getting a Google Services Framework apk from MIUI forum, installing it, clearing the cache/data of Google Play Services and Google Play Store, and in the end, restarting the phone solved the problem for me. It seems that the Services Framework was the culprit. Thank you everyone who answered or helped me.


Happened to me long time ago and I solved the problem uninstalling Play Services and reinstalling again. In my case I downloaded from Apkmirror an older version and then it asked to update. I did it and everything worked perfectly. BUT be sure sure which version you need because it depends on your processor and Android version. There's an explanation about ...


I saw that you've all required steps but just check if Google Service Framework is deactivated - normally in the end of the app list or in a tab called "Deactivated" (Settings>Apps>All). Google Framework Services is a must to have in android so that you can update the apps and make connections with Google Servers. Also reset app preferences ...


Use some VPN apps (e.g. Psiphon) to access the sites that have been blocked. There are many free VPN apps available over the web. VPN connects to different server and creates a tunnel between you and your server. So you can access blocked sites.


There may be packet loss occurring on your network. Try pinging the site. Windows: ping www.viki.com(Windows will auto 6 pings) Linux: ping -c(x) www.viki.com(where x is the number of times to ping) If the result is that there is substantial packet loss(above 10%) try clearing your DNS Cache. Windows: type cmd within Windows search to get Command ...

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