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Not a fix, but a work around. My tablet wont appear on my Unbuntu laptop if I use USB 3. It DOES work if I either use a USB 2 port, or a USB 2.0 micro cable, forcing the tablet to use USB 2.


These are probably hotspots set up by your carrier, designed to reduce load on their 3G/4G network by offloading some of it to WiFi. You would not be able to prevent using these unless you turn off WiFi (why is that a problem for you?) or root / use a custom firmware.


just go to settings, app manager, find play store, and clear its data. it should work. one thing, you just need to set again the preferences of your playstore. ;)


To access files from your phone on your computer, you need to have it hosted as a media device. Often these are found in your settings (in my case, when I plug the USB cable my phone asks me whether to charge phone only, or host as media device.) These are most likely found in your settings if it does not ask. Once you get that far, you need the drivers for ...

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