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You didn't explicitely mention it, but from the context I assume you're using a device with Android 4.4 (Kitkat). With that, Google "pimped" the dialer. PhoneArena writes on this in an article called Google makes the Dialer awesome again: this is why you want Android 4.4 KitKat: I think the best new addition though comes in the changes to Caller ID, ...


Go to the device's Settings, under Accounts tap Google, tap the @gmail.com address, uncheck Sync Contacts and Sync People Details. To remove already synced contacts go the phone Settings menu, Application Manager, go to All applications, then Clear Data for the Contacts and Contacts Storage apps.


This can happen when the contact isn't one you originally typed into your phone, but it instead was synced using an app, such as from an Exchange address list. In this case, you need to either create a copy of the contact on your phone, and edit the copy, or go to the source that the contact was synced from and edit it there.


It looks like you can type a few letters of domain name that you want after a space to get other addresses filtered out. In general, you can type several parts of a email address separating them by spaces to find only contacts that contain all specified parts. For example, if you have the following email addresses in your contacts: john.doe@home.com ...


If you are already using Tasker you can make your phone check for the availability of the incoming call number in contact list. If not available, it can be made to play a special ring tone. This is explained here. The content of the same is reproduced here as well: Different Ringtone for Unknown Callers: I missed my old Windows phone feature where I ...

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