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First, make sure that your contacts from your old phone were saved as Google contacts. You can do that by going to: http://www.google.com/contacts from any computer and login in with the Google account you used on your old phone. If your contacts are there - you're in luck. Just add this Google account to your new phone and the contacts will be synced.


Go to Settings > Apps > And select the last tab named All . On top right corner, tap the 3 dots button, and select Reset app preferences. This will enable all the disabled apps on your phone.


Yes to both of your questions. Once you attempt to sync your phone to gmail, it should ask you if you want to import contact from your Google account. That said, if you exported your contacts from your previous phone, then you will be able to retrieve them on any Android device.


A way i just did it as most of these options weren't available (transferring phone to phone) Filter contacts by device only Select all contacts Share contacts to email or however you feel is necessary, i emailed to myself on the new phone, download the contacts from email i got the option on import to save contacts to google, which i will be adding new ...

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