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I've not found an answer for this but I've flashed another stock from SAMMOBILE using odin which did the trick. Now I can see the contact names properly when I receive a call.


Press contacts image (Round letter) then press pen icon. Does that work?


MyLocalAccount adds an entirely local account to your account-list. Within the dialogue for creating a new contact, you can choose the contact to be created into that account.


I did not understand the phone you have the contacts on... so I will try a general option answer: go to contacts and use the available options: e.g. Import/Export or "batch operation" followed by "select all" and "share". other options are available just think out of the closet.


I wrote a TamperMonkey / GreaseMonkey script to accomplish this, which works by encoding the contact details on a friend's "about" page into a google-goggles-scannable QR code. It's not as convenient as the (missing) ability to do a bulk export/import or sync, but seems to be the best option under the circumstances. The TamperMonkey script is here on ...

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