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I completely agree with Solar. Generally a simple game like 2048,Smash it do not require any Graphics processor to process the game so it runs very smoothly. Whereas high end games like Asaphalt 8 ,FIFA 2014,Blood Zombies hd require some serious graphics to be processed during the game play. Although some times the game may even start but later your phone ...


Found this page while trying to solve the same problem on my Nexus 5. Here is the succinct answer that worked for me: You need root and to install an app called SD Maid (Play Store Link), run it's "CorpseFinder" function, remove the corpses, and reboot. Force closes and 960 errors stopped for me after doing this. I elaborate more here on this thread on ...


Try booting into recovery and backup there if you have an option. If not, then wipe it there or with the key combination: Volume Up+Home+Power Source: www.phonetipsandtricks.com/tips/sony-xperia-u/hard-reset-factory-reset-14/


Try stopping sync with contacts. In Android settings, stop facebook sync with contacts. Messenger was crashing until I disabled sync. I think there's a bug.

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