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A few things to note: Answer compiled from comments A SIGABRT signal/error generally indicates that the system forcefully stopped a process from executing, via the syscall abort(). Refer this SO question. OpenGL ES libraries not found: It could be that your OEM does not or has not provided the OpenGL ES libraries which this app requires or has provided ...


If you are using a custom recovery, clear cache and Dalvik cache.


If you want you can bypass setup. Tap to top left, top right, bottom right and bottom left respectively (clockwise) at the screen that shows up once you boot up the phone. It might be hard to find the initial spots at the first try (I know from personal experience) so try a few times if it doesn't work at first try. Here's a how-to video for additional help! ...


Guess by now you would have changed phones but am still offering this as a possible but not definite cause. Only because I faced a similar situation - faulty external SD card or card is fine but for some reason cannot be read by phone. I don't know why the crash should get triggered more often while charging but the pattern was similar as faced on my cell ...

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