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I encountered the same problem. Turned out it was caused by the theme I was currently using. You can try resetting to the default Hexo theme from the Themes app.


I just found the cause of the problem : It was due to the Android System Webview which was bugging and then couldn't display web UI on several applications. I just had an update of it and now everything works fine ! One of the update's patch notes (translated from French, it may not be perfect) : Resolved crashes in applications using WebView in an ...


I recommend you to flash the stock firmware on your device. As you said you didn't know where to download firmwares for Samsung devices; I'll give you some information. Personally I always use a site called Sammobile. They host every firmware made by Samsung. The firmwares are 100% stock and won't trigger Knox. You will need to register an account on their ...

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