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Did you have the required baseband and did you use CWM recovery to install the zip file? If yes, flash the Stock ROM again and root the phone, intall CWM and install v2 zip file first and then v2.5. I have been using Cosmic ROM v2.5 from the past one month and don't have any issues. You seem to be having issues only because of some goof up during ...


Yes you can using tools like flashtools for sony


Possible with command but there are conditions, you have usb debugging enabled you need to configure adb if you have this two things configured then you can type following command to boot your phone into recovery mode adb reboot recovery or adb shell reboot recovery


If swapping is not enabled, it is of course safe to remove the swap file. I've never heard of custom RAM, but assuming you've just mis-spelled the term (or confused it), for this part of your question please look into Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device?


A signature error is often caused by trying to install custom firmware (the ROM) with the stock revovery. The stock recovery will only install a factory image for the device, signed by the manufacturer. This means you can only install stock firmware with it. So you need a custom recovery, something like Clockworkmod or TWRP recovery. Note: do at your own ...


There's no special procedure that works with unbranded tablets. As the question you've already found describes, if there's no official upgrade from the manufacturer, you need to look for a custom ROM based on a newer Android version. Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? gives you some places to look. There's only one feature peculiar ...


There are stock firmware images available for download here that can be flashed with the SP Flash Tool. In terms of creating your own ROM (CWM-based or otherwise), that is beyond the scope of this site.


Each model has different hardware, which requires specific drivers. This is why each device has a separate ROM. This is different from desktop OSs because of the disk space constraints. If a ROM was made to support all devices, the drivers would eat all your available storage, and more.

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