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According to AndroidPolice is actually caused by a bug in Chrome Beta that showed up on certain custom ROMS. The recent update (v39.0.2171.90) contains a fix for this issue. It's likely that the next update for non beta Chrome will include a fix for this too.


This is happening in any custom ROM that supports floating windows. It is there, for example, in SlimKat, Spirit ROM, CM based ROMs etc. In my case I can move and size the window, and there is a maximize button available. It resizes the window with pinch to zoom automatically rendering it almost unusable. This is an app issue ultimately, but it is specific ...


just flash stock recovery.img file through mobile uncle tools app avaailable here at-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobileuncle.toolbox&hl=en But in case you want your stock rom back, this will not be helpful to you. you will have to flash stock firmware through mtk droid tools.


I found a tutorial blog to flash KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for Goophone i6. I'm not affiliated to the creator of the blog or the blog itself. Download the latest KitKat 4.4.2 Stock Firmware for Goophone i6 smartphone from here, here or here. Update file name: Goophone-i6 fw Archive size: 296 MB Model: Goophone i6 Smartphone ...


I don't know that exact model, but I found a pretty much complete guide to rooting, flashing and so on at XDA for your model here. IMPORTANT: Remember to read the entire guide closely a couple of times before commencing the rooting and flashing procedure, so that you know exactly what you're doing and don't brick the device.


Try looking at this Removing files from & repackaging CyanogenMod ROM zip files. It doesnt deal with Odin, but provides you with valuable working information. You should be able to use an archive program on PC and recompress to .tar, .gz, and others. Dont forget to re-sign the archive. Keep a copy of your untouched ROM until you have the modified ROM ...

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