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I ran into same problem. It seems to be in many ROMs that you have to change the language to access other date-time formats. I had to change for instance to German, since none of the options for English supported DD.MM.YYYY format. Hope this helps. Simply try out languages you would like to use most and see in date time settings, whether they support your ...


This is pretty easy to do. Just go to Settings->Buttons and scroll down to Menu button. Below that you see Short press action and you can select your preferred action (Recent apps switcher in your case). That's it. Depending on the developer of the ROM you may be able to remap other buttons as well.


It can not be done in one Rich Text block. Try making three separate blocks for hours, colon and minutes which are text-aligned right, centre and left respectively and position them next to each other.


Unlock the screen. On the bottom left there should be a symbol with three horizontal lines.Touch that. Go to Lock Screen.Tap Shortcuts. The four options should appear. Touch which app you want to remove, the list of apps will come up, scroll until you find the app you want to use and tap on it. Do the same for other apps to remove and add. When finished ...

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