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You can do this with a firewall application for both rooted phones and not-rooted phones, The question has been answered before, Please visit the link bellow: How to prevent specific apps from using mobile data?


No. For a start, the 802.11 protocols only work at the specified frequencies. Radio protocols are very frequency-dependent, because they need to account for interference and distortion effects peculiar to the design frequency. Second, the hardware and antenna designs are frequency dependent. Longer wavelengths typically need a longer antenna, as well as ...


"Sign into Wi-fi Network" says it all: No network, no connection. You most likely changed the password/keyphrase at your router, and forgot to adjust your devices. They cannot log in to the network anymore, hence you get that notification. Fixing your WiFi configuration will solve the other problem along. Edit: Thanks to Dan for pointing out my omission: ...


Well as going by your point that the problem is not limited to you but to your whole family then the problem lies with the configuration of your modem. If the wifi is not configured properly then it may or may not show connected but you will not be able to download or browse any content let it be Google play or the internet. As you have not specified any ...

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