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I didn't dig into the source code for authenticity so consider this as an educated guess. I noted that when turning on Airplane mode only the radios mentioned in the key airplane_mode_radios1 are turned off. That is, the communication through those radios cease to exist. The list of radios in the value for that key I've seen in my devices are: ...


You can use Force 4G LTE Switch app. It allows to force 4G/3G/2G and also provides "network operators" search shortcut.


In this case the Android versions, or devices themselves, are largely are not relevant to the answer. The second phone cannot use the first phone's mobile data directly, it must use it via tethering. Activate the mobile/portable hotspot on the first phone and use the WiFi on the second phone to connect to it just like any other WiFi network. The preferred ...

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