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Wifi Walkie Talkies is a free app I found. I use it round the house and garden to talk to the wife and kids. It doesn't use any of your data, call or text allowance, it just works on your home/office wifi. No need to configure anything it just works.. Test on and Android and Backberry Z10.


I had similar problem with my phone HTC desire 816 dual sim. the problem started when I travelled another country and inserted a sim of that country in SLOT 1 of my phone. my problem was solved when I removed sim of my country from SLOT 2. So my solution is like that, though its a dual sim phone, yet I cant put 2 sims of 2 different country at a same time.


According to Wikipedia: High Speed Packet Access and Evolved HPSA, HSPA+ has a theoretical maximum download of 84 Mbps and an upload of 10.8 Mbps. Using Dual Cell Technology, it can be doubled to 168 Mbps download and 22 Mbps upload. This suggests that the upload speed will not be anywhere close to the download speed. Doing a search for HSPA+ 21 Mbps, most ...

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