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On a rooted device, go to /data/system/netstats/ and delete all the 0files there. Reboot the device and the data history would be gone. Worked on Android 4.2.1 and 5.0.2, so should work on Kitkat as well. It clears both SIM data as well as of Wi-Fi. This would not reset the current cycle you would be having. I believe /data/system/notification_policy.xml ...


delete the mobile internet settings or disable the app in application manager that is eating away the mbs


Introductory: Have you tried going into Settings >> Mobile Data and de-selecting Mobile Data? Normally, when you install apps from Google Play, the App Permissions will tell you what apps have network access. Having said that, it could be any number of applications turning on your Data. Second Possible Solution: You may also want to try disabling automatic ...

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