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As the author of NetGuard I have first hand experience in this field. A disadvantage of a firewall based on a local VPN is that not all traffic types can be handled, because the (Android) Linux kernel does not allow forwarding all traffic types over a socket based connection. An example is IPsec, which is being used for IP calling by some manufacturers. A ...


Aside from the general consensus that actual security is out the window for rooted devices and of course depends on the user, AFWall+ offers a kernel level approach to filtering traffic while NetGuard uses encryption. I think the ability to run as Android administrator with without the need to stay in the foreground is important... AFWall+ optionally uses ...


To my knowledge, it's the approach: Root based firewalls use IPFilter / iptables to control the flow. This automatically applies to all apps, whether there's a network connection available at all or not, whether the routing is working completely or not at all, or whether you're in a "closed environment" (Intranet) without access to the "outer world" (...


my mom has this happening and its the weather network app


Clean Cache/Dalvik, System and Data and flash Your Cyanogenmod 13 ROM again

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