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1 Is where you can see a history of all apps you have ever installed.


Forgive me if you've already tried this, but there's a tab in the Google play store for all apps installed or not. It's under the my apps and games button.


You could try and use this method to disable your daughter's password to then unlock the phone and then use the adb pull /sdcard/DCIM/* C:/camera_backup command (as LyricWulf suggested) to backup all the photos from the phone. Good luck getting those photos :)


Double-trouble. If the device cannot even be powered up, you can't access its internal storage to rescue your data. As soon as the software is flashed and the device reset, that data is gone – and without root powers, rescuing data from internal storage is close to impossible (so at least your WhatsApp data would be gone for good). There are very few tools ...


If you have hidden images through gallery app, their name is Changed to start with a "." Download a file Explorer like Es-file Explorer. I'm menu - >tools->show hidden files. Then select those pics and batch rename them. If the name is " .name.jpg" change them to name.jpg Hope that helps.

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