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This might or might not work. Insert an SD Card, preferably more than 4GB. Boot into android stock recovery. Power + Home + Vol. Up Scroll down to backup internal data. Remove the SD card. Go through the steps of unlocking the boot loader but don't flash a custom recovery yet. Reboot into recovery(stock) after unlocking the boot loader. Restore user ...


Yes, your photos are in Lost folder, rename them with .jpg extension, then they will appear again, now move them to camera folder.


I tried various suggestions to get past the bootloop but could not even get into safe mode. All I had to work with were the options on the recovery menu. Clearing the cache partition seemed to make no difference, so I eventually gave up and selected wipe data/factory reset. This also seemed top have no effect. However, the device unexpectedly closed itself ...


If I'm not mistaken, for pics and videos, I believe you should be able to plug it into a pc using a USB cable and move the folders you want to a backup directory. For App data it may be hit and miss, some you may be able to find, but some will not be recoverable. Here are links that may be helpful to finding S-note related files: ...


There are many application backup programs available in PlayStore. A very light weight application - Super Backup ES File Explorer If you are rooted then - Titanium Backup Plus the data stored by google will be automatically retrieved by google once you login to nexus.


do you have developer options enabled? If yes try to backup using adb. you will not have to access Adb shell. just 'adb backup' command will do it. use appropriate options to backup your shared storage. (just type adb and hit enteryou will see the Adb backup options) go to following link try the options in answer to access Adb backup. do not encrypt the ...


I had the same problem with stock Nexus 7 2012 GSM. First of all, the bootloader has to be unlocked. fastboot oem unlock Unlocking the bootloader deletes user data on the device (as a security precaution). If you haven't unlocked the bootloader before, you are now out of luck. Try to find if you have backups. (Contact data may be synced with your Google ...

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