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This is an old question and my answer may be of little help. Since you know your brother's number, just call. Then answer the phone your self and viola! It is unlocked.access the contacts from there. I have always wondered why this security hole is overlooked.


Just reboot your phone, possibly several times.


You can pull the apk from the android device using adb pull. adb shell pm list packages This will list the package name for all the apks. See the package name of your app. The app name may vary from the package name. It will be mostly in /data/app If not get the path using adb shell pm path com.the app you need to.transfer 2 a.adb pull ...


If you can debug your application written in eclipse in your phone, I guess you have already enabled USB debugging. Moborobo PC Suite can transfer files from your phone including applications with data and it needs USB debugging to be enabled. In the App manager, Right click on the app and there will be Export option. There you can save your app into your ...


Try Dumpster - Recycle Bin it might help you to recovery all your Data (Restore deleted pictures, music files, videos and much more)


Especially for recovering JPEG files, I would strongly propose to try the recovery software PhotoRec. It was originally developed to do exactly that, recover not files, but JPEG photos, on the disk - not even looking at the file system. As long as nothing got overwritten, it should recover a large part I expect. I did not need it myself yet, but the way it ...


Well its possible to restore any contact present on the Personal Computer provided your method of backup was done using a dedicated software like Samsung Kies. For Samsung Kies follow the below Steps In Samsung kies it provides two kinds of restore phone only restore or complete (SIM+ phone).At first after installation of Samsung kies3 Samsung kies has ...

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