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Firstly, data on your SD card will not be erased. Then there's a chance, that your contacts are already backed up on Google's servers, so you don't loose them either. I don't know if the app will help. Harddrives don't delete anything, they just stop indexing the files and then rewrite the sector with new files, but (I'm not 100% sure) I don't think you can ...


I made a tool do help even the most the computer illiterate person recover their files using this method. You will, however need to follow the instructions in the article if you have not set up ADB. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=51822116


Here's a couple of things that might help, A regular factory reset does not wipe the sdcard partition. Things such as pictures and whatsapp messages should be restorable when you just install the relevant apps again. If you are a Gmail user, just sign in again and it will automatically resync. If you are using a corporate email account or general mail app, ...


It is possible to retrieve your contacts as google may have backed it up. Just add your google account to the phone and when sync is enabled the contacts will be back. But SMS and Call Logs may not restored. Also from now on use any app to backup contacts, SMS, call logs etc. You can use Super Backup from Play Store.


Your assumption that Contacts, SMS and Call Logs are automatically saved to the SD Card was incorrect. They are indeed stored on the internal memory of the device. /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/ is the most likely storage location. That can change though, depending on Android OS version, manufacturer/carrier modifications, or even 3rd-party apps ...


No, your provider can't give you a recording of your phone call, and it's not saved on the phone by default. There are a zillion apps on Google Play for recording phone calls, but there are two things to be aware of:- Some phones simply can't record calls. This is because the "cellphone chip" in your phone has direct access to the microphone and speaker, ...

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