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As your device is rooted I assume you can download nexus root toolkit to pull and push files, it automatically handles both, bootloader booting and fastboot, through adb, if however you didn't have usb debugging enabled I cant help you.


That's one of our more frequent questions, so we've set up some "first-aid-info" in the data-recovery tag-wiki1. Especially take a look at How can I recover a deleted file on Android? Data Recovery - How to Restore Deleted / Formatted Files on HD Micro SD Card Also, the links to details on "File Carving" and specific recovery tools might prove helpful. ...


I use Android Mobile Manager found in google to backup Android data. Works well!


The format of these files is described in SQLite's documentation. The db file is the main database and starts with the string "SQLite format 3\000" (note that \000 is the zero byte or ASCII NUL). The db-journal file is the journal for the database. You only need it if the database was open when you performed the factory reset (that is, if the app was ...


I'd give Recuva a try (just google it), but I seriously doubt you'll be able to recover that file, unfortunately.


I tried WonderShare MobileGo, which also seems to be called Android Transfer. This was based off these instructions: http://www.recovery-android.com/transfer-sms-from-android-to-computer.html . The instructions are incomplete (they leave out a few steps), and ultimately this didn't work for me because I needed to interact with the phone, and my screen is ...


If you removed the micro SD card from a device (any device) while it was still in use, this can cause filesystem corruption. This can often be repaired by connecting it to a card reader on your PC and using a disk scanning tool (e.g. ScanDisk on Windows).


Moborobo and Mobogenie both do great job of backup/update apps etc. (Windows) Do not worry about downloading drivers etc. Both do the needful. Both are free. http://moborobo.com/ http://www.mobogenie.com/ FYI I use Moborobo.


No, download mode doesn't provide you with access to the phone's files, and yes, the error message you see looks very much like it's telling you you're trying to boot an unsigned ROM from a locked bootloader.

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