What is "data traffic"?

This of course refers to all traffic created by data transfers -- but usually means the data transfered via your provider's mobile network (i.e. ), as this is what's nibbeling at your . This includes as well as explicitly triggered data transfers, such as e.g. downloads.

Related tags:

  • : for issues with your mobile data connection
  • : a fixed amount of data included with your regular fee
  • : amount of data transferred. Use this for questions/issues like finding out which app is eating up your data plan.
  • : using your home WiFi network
  • : another wireless technology, but limited to short distances.
  • : this can also be used to transfer data, but is not wireless.
  • : transferring data via your mobile data connection (2g/3g/4g)
  • : Data transferred in the background, i.e. without explicitly being triggered. This usually includes things like synchronizing your calendar and contact data.
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