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Should you ever decide to go with a command-line way, you can do (Note: you would need a *nix system, adb setup in PC and device connected to it in debugging mode.) adb shell dumpsys package | awk -v RS='\n +Package' '/android\.permission\.CAMERA/{print $1}' | sed -e 's/\[//g' -e 's/\]//g' -e 's/Verifiers\://g' | tail -n +2 | tr -d '\r' | while read line; ...


You can use this app, App Permission Watcher It shows exactly which app has permissions what feature.


Boot into your custom Recovery, mount the data partition either using command-line or via GUI, and choose any of the following method: (Note that TWRP already has the option to clear /data without touching /data/media. It uses rm -rf commands1.) Go Immune Make /data/media immutable2 i.e. immune from any modification. You can do so by executing: adb ...

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