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Unfortunately, there is no native way, neither for KitKat nor for Lollipop (didn't try for Marshmallow). No special system app, no secret code, nothing. The only two ways (for an end-user) to access an app's info are either using the command-line, which another answer covered already or by using Settings app. Since Settings app doesn't do what you want and ...


You can use this app, App Permission Watcher It shows exactly which app has permissions what feature.


Should you ever decide to go with a command-line way, you can do (Note: you would need a *nix system, adb setup in PC and device connected to it in debugging mode.) adb shell dumpsys package | awk -v RS='\n +Package' '/android\.permission\.CAMERA/{print $1}' | sed -e 's/\[//g' -e 's/\]//g' -e 's/Verifiers\://g' | tail -n +2 | tr -d '\r' | while read line; ...


Boot into your custom Recovery, mount the data partition either using command-line or via GUI, and choose any of the following method: (Note that TWRP already has the option to clear /data without touching /data/media. It uses rm -rf commands1.) Go Immune Make /data/media immutable2 i.e. immune from any modification. You can do so by executing: adb ...


Sometimes it may not reflect until restart. Moreover, thumbnails would be recreated once you open the images again. Perform a restart or reboot.

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