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If you see a button labeled "uninstall updates", that's a system app which you cannot remove without root powers. User-installed apps never have that "uninstall updates" button, for a simple technical reason: a "system app" has its original .apk file installed on the /system partition, which is mounted read-only. If it receives an update, it thus cannot ...


I don't beleive so. Drive (I beleive), along with Gmail, Maps, etc is a required app that Samsung must include with their phones, and it can't be uninstalled - at least not easily without the likes of rooting.


Have you tried this link? it has instructions on how to do it.


I'm using Huawei Mate8 too, what you need to do for deleting information is to perform a "factory reset" of the device and then all of your phone data will be deleted from your Huawei Phone. I would like to recommend encrypting your device before you are getting ready to wipe it. The encryption process will scramble the data on your device and, even if the ...

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