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Performing a factory reset doesn't make you lose root access, since the root handling app (SuperSU or KingUser or whatever) is installed as a system app and only the /data and /cache partitions are formatted by a factory reset. The /system partition remains unaffected.


On a rooted device, go to /data/system/netstats/ and delete all the 0files there. Reboot the device and the data history would be gone. Worked on Android 4.2.1 and 5.0.2, so should work on Kitkat as well. It clears both SIM data as well as of Wi-Fi. This would not reset the current cycle you would be having. I believe /data/system/notification_policy.xml ...


It is possible that you have deleted your contacts on your phone, and not on your Gmail account. Log on to your Gmail account at google.com, click the button at the top right, and then click more, then contacts. From there you should be able to delete all of the contacts you no longer wish to have. Afterwards restart any devices, and refresh/sync any ...


Wow, that looks crazy! /storage/emulated/0 isn't "real" and you shouldn't be deleting 0, if you are trying to clean out /data/media/0 pass a wildcard rm -fr /data/media/0/* that will flush out your internal "sdcard" 

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