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Two years on: I use AIDE, their brief summary of features states: Edit-compile-run cycle: Create a sample App with a single click Run your App with a single click No root access required Incremental compilation for fast build times Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility Integrated LogCat viewer Real-time error ...


If you do scripting languages at all, check out SL4a (Scripting Layer For Android). It gives you access to the android API in each language - Python, Perl, JRuby, Lua, BeanShell, JavaScript, Tcl, and shell. It comes with its own basic editor, but you can specify a different editor if you have others installed - I've used the Jota text editor with it. Get ...


If you want to get all meta, there's Terminal IDE, a full Java / HTML / Android development environment that runs on Android.


I have an app called C# To Go in the Android market that provides a basic C# REPL. It's certainly not meant to be a real development environment, but does allow you to play around with the language and compile things on the fly.


Why not give Ruboto IRB a go. From the app description: Interactive Ruby running on Android. Edit, save, and run scripts on the phone. Great for learning, prototyping, and small apps. Ruboto IRB taps the power of JRuby to open up the Android API.


You asked for a compiler, or IDE, but I really don't think native code compilation is the way Android apps are intended to mostly work, so you're going against the grain asking for C/C++ compilers. And since there is no JDK that is self-hosted, Java is probably out of the question too. That being said you can still do programming, just not compiler based ...


this can be done Compile Ruby and Nodejs for android Install on device and configure with c/c++ ide (You can use C4droid,CCTools,Terminal IDE.... for installing the expansion modules on с/с++) Install rails ($gem install rails) example: (Click image to enlarge)


Android (despite its Linux roots) is far from capable of running Eclipse IDE as is. Not only is the hardware inadequate for supporting such a large application, but Android lacks a full Java SE JVM (Dalvik is a subset) and SWT (Eclipse UI framework) implementation for native Android UI controls does not exist. On Linux, SWT implementations exist ...


I know you're looking for programming apps actually on the phone, so this might not be overly helpful. I found an app called Splashtop Remote Desktop that with a WiFi connection, you can control your computer at home. I've tried it for reading documents and playing around. However; I think it could be used to write code using whatever utility you have at ...


There is retro language from Charles Childers and clojure REPL from sattvik software, although these are somewhat more exotic than the standard languages.


In case you only need a cross compiling environment with the standard Linux build tools there is an easy solution already included in the Android-NDK: In the subdirectory build/tools of the NDK you find a scrip named using the parameter --install-dir= you can specify a path where to create the standalone-toolkit - for example ...


The Android Scripting Environment said to plan on Ruby. Might be worth a check how far they got; at least they're tagged "JRuby" at Google Code. According to their project page: Scripts can be run interactively in a terminal, in the background, or via Locale. Python, Perl, JRuby, Lua, BeanShell, JavaScript, Tcl, and shell are currently supported, and we'...


Aloha Editor runs within your browser. But I suppose it will not run in every Android browser, Firefox mobile seems most advanced when it comes to HTML5.


I'd suggest you take a look at Terminal IDE: Terminal IDE is an expandable terminal application, with a full Java / HTML / Android development kit, that runs on your Android device. It uses the command line, with many powerful and robust open-source applications, plus a custom ASCII on-screen 'soft' keyboard that works well (You must ENABLE it in ...


And if you are looking for a web development solution for e.g. PHP, you might want to take a look at PHP programming app with hosting?: PAW Server for Android -- amongst others -- offers you a web server with support for PHP (via a plugin), and comments in the linked question also mention some nice programming editors.


Yes you can do this. You can install different Android apps to edit the code, any HTML editor tool will do - they can be found in the google play store. You do not need to make a totally different version of your website, you can use google's mobile friendly test to check what needs to be changed.


Check out - Android Web Developer. I am developer of this application. It is developed special for web developers. Features: Support all major web languages and formats: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML A lot of ways to reach your project ( FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WEBDav and growing) Code highlighting Code completion Hardware keyboard support (e.g hotkeys) Error ...


The best way (I think) is to run a vnc client from the tablet to a Linux/Windows box where you have your development environnement already setup... I've seen some youtube clips about vnc and it's fast (on wifi at least)...

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