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Yes you can do this. You can install different Android apps to edit the code, any HTML editor tool will do - they can be found in the google play store. You do not need to make a totally different version of your website, you can use google's mobile friendly test to check what needs to be changed.


If you are using Windows 7 try this, Create an ad-hoc network in your PC (This would help you Create WiFi Network) Connect your Android device to the WiFi network you created in past step Open the browser in your phone and type PCs IP address/your web app name (I hope you run your web app on some servers like Apache Tomcat/WAMP ..)


Also if you download Apps from other than Google play store, Installation of the apps are blocked by default by Android.


Publishing the APK on their home page has the following downsides I can think of: Difficulty in Tracking It'll be more difficult to collect detailed statistics on the audience for their apps because they won't be able to benefit from the Play Store's statistics for app downloads. Whilst developers could conceivably write in data collection functions that ...

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