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I am a part of the same program...my 6 months is up and I am a samsung platinum member.. so...when I say I've been in contact woth samsung for weeks now about this and have gotten NOWHERE, trust me. You cannot remove the mobile insights app, no matter what you do! No one via samsung could do it, they even had me install an app where they could tap into my ...


From Task manager go to downloads and click to uninstall. That should again lead you to device manager option of manage device admin apps and it may be possible now to see the option not greyed out Another option if rooted, is to delete folder named after the app in /data /data. Next, search for apk file in device /system, delete it and reboot If this ...


Go into your phone's Settings and open Security. From there, tap Device administrators, and you should be able to turn it off from there.

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