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I used to get the same message. Then I removed an option called "sécurité Verr. de réactivation" in french. Translation may be "Reactivation Lock Security". Uncheck it and restart root procedure.


The answer is almost definetly no. Although there might not be much difference between the models, there are bits that are different. These bits won't work. Other bits may depend on these bits, and they won't work either. The baseband and radios might work fine, but the rest of the mismatched components will lead to, at best, a soft brick. I have a Moto G ...


No sorry you cannot use the lollipop update of the phillipines region in bangladesh because when the companies launch new updates they get the carrier support of regions


They are Technically same,both have custom effect with respect to original firmware.


You should use the latest firmware pertaining to your region and model only Authentic source for all Samsung firmware is Sammobile. You will need to register(free) to download. If you want a faster download, there is a paid option. Make sure you select the right region For detailed information on Samsung devices (including region as asked) Phone Info ...

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