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Be clear ,which phone do you use, I dint find such sort.Check accessibility settings or if by mistake you might have anabled any developer settings in developers option, if so turnoff developers option.There is no such system interpretation done by default, you might either have installed some application doing this work, or the above change which i ...


Go to Contacts → Groups and you will see a group named "ICE - Emergency Contacts". Add your emergency numbers there and now you can access them from outer screen.


The answer, after spending considerable time in Nexus and Skype chat support is that Skype does not provide dialer support for Nexus 5 KitKat. Unsure if other manufacturers using KitKat have the same issue or have delivered a solution. I was told by Nexus support I could contact LG for a possible solution, but that the change could void my warranty. The ...


Disable phone defaults. Go to "manage app" in settings, select phone and clear defaults. Go to the menu,remove the phone icon and replace with the Skype dialer

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