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I assume the profile photo chosen is based on the contact ID, however an easy (albeit less than ideal) workaround in this situation is to create a unique contact for "Home", set the desired photo there and add that as a separate direct dial option.


Try resetting the screen lock on your phone. Worked for me. I have a nexus 4 too.


While phone is locked, hit the "Emergency call" option, when it opens hit the settings/menu (left of the home button) on the device. You will see "Remove" appear at the bottom of the screen. Select "Remove" then you will see checkboxes next to the contacts. Select the contacts to be removed and then check the "Check Mark" at the top right side of the screen. ...


I figured it out. Swiping to the right opens the phone, swiping to the left, the camera and swiping up unlocks to the home screen.

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