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I did not find a way to reliably do it without an app. I often use OpenDNS Family Shield, but sometimes it blocks me to visit some particular hacking site and then I need to quickly and easily change the DNS servers. I used to use Set DNS but it stopped to work in Android 4.3 and further, so I created Override DNS, a new app which mimics Set DNS' ...


This info is from 2014. But it might still work. I am not in the position to test it at the moment, but since you are rooted. You could try adding the dns settings to the build.prop file and see if it sticks. Adding the following to the build.prop file should add google as your DNS server. net.rmnet0.dns1= net.rmnet0.dns2= net.dns1= ...


That's not possible without an app, it has to be with an app. Second, you need root access in able to change 1G/2G/3G/4G DNS. Try Set DNS.

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