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While the setprop method to change DNS does not work, the getprop method to read those values should be still valid today: shell@A0001:/ $ getprop | grep dns [dhcp.wlan0.dns1]: [] [dhcp.wlan0.dns2]: [] [dhcp.wlan0.dns3]: [] [dhcp.wlan0.dns4]: [] [net.change]: [net.rmnet0.dns2] [net.dns1]: [] [net.dns2]: [] ...


OK, I know I'm way late, but here's an alternative I'd like to share that may be of help. Just open your browser at https://email:password@updates.opendns.com/nic/update?hostname=your_opendns_network_label to update your IP -- and that's it. On the email part, use "%40" as an @ and "%2E" as a dot, ie, write "someone%40somewhere%2Ecom" instead of ...


Run "nslookup google.com" from Terminal Emulator and the first result should be your DNS. Also you could run a standard test from dnsleaktest.com from your browser.


The solution is further down the same page: https://github.com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy/issues/98#issuecomment-62636551 I had a problem flashing the zip (made by qwerty12) in the link so you may need to extract the contents to the relevant directories (in /system) and make sure they have the correct permissions. I used Fx explorer for this. You obviously ...

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