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Google do actually publish Android manuals for each major version, unfortunately they do hide them fairly well. Your phone's manufacturer and/or your network/carrier may also publish manuals for your phone that will include the major changes they've made from the base Android (for example a lot of manufacturers customize or replace a lot of the Android UI ...


Top bar - Notification bar Bottom bar - Navigation bar Standard Navigation bar buttons - Back, Home, Recent Apps These are the standard ones in every Android powered device. Note - The word "bar" can be replaced by "panel" sometimes. Update: Title bar (which has app title, search button, back key) - Action bar


I don't know about a manual (I never found one) but ... How to close programs. You don't. I mean, if you want to stop running applications, that's under Settings > Applications but otherwise, you mostly don't. How to switch between open programs. Are they even open still? If you long press the "home" key you can move between the last few ...


Complete Android Guide is a pretty good introduction/starting point for free on the website, available as an ebook or an app on the market.


There's a big chapter on that in Andrew Hoog's Android Forensics book on that (see this Amazon list for available copies). Unfortunately, that book doesn't come for free (but from Elsevier; so prices range from ~USD 20 for the Kindle edition to ~USD 50 for the print, with some crazy offers for ~USD 170+ as well), but it explains a lot of background not only ...


This Nexus One user manual seems to be basically the same document as you linked, but specific to that phone and Android 2.1. Since the Nexus One was a "pure" Android experience, the vast majority of the document should cover what you're looking for. (That link seems dead, but this link from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine seems to be working. There's ...


When you first activate an Android phone, there is a short tutorial that walks you through the home screen, adding icons/widgets to the home screen, navigating the home screen, etc. On stock android, there is also a helpful widget on the homescreen. For many phones, there is a small booklet (often called the manual) in the box when you purchase the device. ...


Fastboot commandline utilisation as per is shown below. $ fastboot -h usage: fastboot [ <option> ] <command> commands: update <filename> reflash device from flashall flash boot + recovery + system flash <partition> [ <filename> ] ...


On some devices/ROMs most mount points seem to be defined in a special config file called /etc/fstab. In this case, you can ommit the device information and options, as they can be automatically determinded. However, other devices/ROMs use init scripts to create the mounts, and have the special options defined there (CM7.2 on my Motorola Milestone seems to ...


By browsing the source code (for example here) you can see the usage help: static void usage(char *cmd) { fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s [ -m max_procs ] [ -n iterations ] [ -d delay ] [ -s sort_column ] [ -t ] [ -h ]\n" " -m num Maximum number of processes to display.\n" " -n num Updates to show before ...


X-plore is an easy to use app from Google to transfer files from internal to external cards and back. I use it regularly. Go to, use search bar at top, search for X-plore. You'll see a couple of the other apps mentioned in earlier responses, both of which I occasionally use.


Hi use ES File Explorer File Manager. It is easy to use , and user friendly .


I use Total Commander for this kind of stuff. You can use the second button in the bottom bar to move files. Total Commander lets you open two locations at once, which makes copying between those locations even easier.


Here's the Nexus 7 user guide in PDF format. Since it was the first device to launch with Jelly Bean and isn't hampered by manufacturer/carrier customizations, it's as close to a pure Jelly Bean user guide as there is.


Google Support offers some online guides. At present, the devices listed under Jelly Bean are: Xoom Galaxy Nexus Nexus S Nexus 4 Nexus 7 Nexus 10


No. It comes with a couple small booklets (see this AndroidSpin post for example images) but not the full user guide. (Also see this HowardForums post answering your question).

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