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Such app would be illegal: to keep working they usually do a really simple thing, using a dork they search on google for your song and show an ordered list of results. Since google is becoming more and more intelligent it will not index copyrighted songs. Just deal with it. Another way to download song from your phone, is to use a youtube-2-mp3 app/site. ...


This started happening at the same time that Google introduced the concept of "delta" updates. This means that only the portion of the app that has been modified is sent over, as opposed to the entire app. However, they never changed how the Play Store app calculates the download percentages - it's still taking app's full size as the base 100%, instead of ...


That is a hiccup in the Play Store application. Swipe down to reveal the notification tray and you'll find the actual percentage progress. And as far as downloads taking less time, it might be possible that your ISP caches popular play store downloads. Mine does. So I know what you mean.


Clear the cache of playstore application , restart the phone , try the download again


Don't worry, this is not a problem with your device. You can see the actual download status in the notification tray.

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