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It is the download manager in the app info. Nothing else. Some other service uses the download manager to download the apk games, which is not yet identified.


I just wrote a shell script to do it: #!/system/bin/sh while read url; do am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -n -d $url done < file.txt This just reads each line from file.txt, opens the URL using Google Chrome Browser (using package's MainActivity) and let Google Chrome ...


Download your phone's stock gallery app then move it to system/app change the owner Owner 0 - root Group 1013 - media Then install apk and restart then you're good to go


It is common "bug", I would like to call, they will appear as soon as the mobile is restarted and files are registered in Media library. Another trick I use is I copy that downloaded folder to another folder using a file manager, and voila. You should try it too.

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