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I think you misunderstand what e-ink is. It is nothing like LED or LCD pixels. Resolution has nothing to do with it. Typical displays emit light. You can use them in the dark and they will light up your face. E-ink displays reflect light, like standard paper. This is why they strain your eyes less. As far as reducing eye strain with a non-e-ink device, ...


To return to the last page you visited, you can just tap on the screen to notice a bar in the bottom. If you look closer you can see a blue triangle that marks the last visited page. Click on it and you'll return to that page! Click image for larger version Hope this helps.


You can select "enable PDF uploading". This will allow you select all your books and upload to your Google account. That way, you can read from any device by just signing in. And you can select to view offline. This reduces the amount of data needed on your device.

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