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Yes, there is a work around. refer screenshots below. just select, "run on this computer only" on your outlook. which means these emaiails come to your inbox when u arent using computer and moves to folder once u login to system.


K-9 (an open source, very secure free mail client) does exactly this. In fact, you can specify that certain folders can show up in your primary list, only certain folders receive notifications when messages received, or only certain folders participate in push. Furthermore, you can specify these settings on an individual basis based on the concepts of ...


This is happening because your phone is setup to use POP3 and the POP server is marking emails read after downloading them on your Galaxy S7 Android. You can set up Exchange on your phone to have an exact copy of the mailbox on each device or you need to manually mark the emails as unread which is not a very practical thing to do.


POP3 is meant to mark the server copy as read once it's been downloaded Completely. The default setting in the stock Email app is 2kb of the email is downloaded. If changed to one of the higher options, you risk completely downloading the email, and the server will mark it read at that point. (It's not a bug, it's a feature, see an old Superuser question): ...

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