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I have found a working solution on GitHub: https://github.com/phyber/TiBUdecrypter 1. Install/upgrade dependencies (on Ubuntu) apt-get install python2.7 pip install --upgrade docopt pip install --upgrade six pip install --upgrade PyCrypto 2. Get script from GitHub Download: https://github.com/phyber/TiBUdecrypter/archive/master.zip Extract the ZIP 3. ...


This is a known defect. See this bug report. And this discussion here at google groups.


All you need (private space, anti-theft and much more): Comodo Mobile Security Also you can use Android built-in encryption which asks for password only on boot: Settings ➡ Security ➡ Encrypt


As of July 2014, I've found the following options for SD card encryption: Boxcryptor - not open source; developed by German company; supports sync with cloud storage; unclear if they've received a backdoor request cryptonite - open source; supports mounting TrueCrypt volumes; no backdoor request yet


I only could reset the phone.. cannot remove the encryption.

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