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I don't need your password to access your data. I can disassemble your device or put into special mode that allows direct access. If your data is not encrypted I can pull your drive and connect to my pc to access.


There are low(er)-level commands that can be used in a shell to encrypt your user data partition. Disclaimer/Warning: the following instructions will wipe your data, ensure that you make a backup if needed. Following these steps, you should be able to wipe your data partition and have it encrypted afterwards (similar to a factory reset): Boot your phone ...


It actually gets the public key of the receiver before sending the email. So yes, it could do what it says.


Expanding on Naftuli Tzvi Kay's answer above... well, that answer got me to the right place, but my phone (CM11 / i9300) didn't have a recovery command, and the wipe command didn't have an option to disable encryption. So I did it manually from looking at the comments in the source code for the recovery command (file linked from the answer linked in the ...


Yes As far as I know, a NANDroid backup makes an Image of the entire device. So, this can work because the entire file system is copied along with the file system. The device will still be encrypted after restoring. I might be wrong because I've never done this. But if you encrypt a flash drive with bitlocker, copy the contents of it including the ...

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