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the answer has already been stated. This is a phone setting issue. The downloaded email are not deleted but are simply not showing on the phone when the phone initiates the sync with the server. The settings are as identified above: All, OneDay, ThreeDays, OneWeek, TwoWeeks, OneMonth. So if you choose three days you will only see the past three days of ...


Share the ICS URL of your Exchange to Google Calendar. From an Oregon State University HOWTO: Click on Calendar in the lower left corner You should see all your calendars in front of you. On the left side of the window, you should see the list of calendars and their names. Under My Calendars, right click the one you wish to add to your Google account. ...


The link below shows how to actually achieve this: Adding .cer certificates on your Android Phone It's been answered in this question, in another context, but I hope it helps you.


We had the same issue, and also tried setting it to "unlimited" without that solving the issue. We think the S5 is reading in bytes and S4 in KB. Finally, entering the limit in bytes solved it for us. Can you try to put 1000000 in the limits and re-create your account on the S5, what choices of limits to you have while setting up your device at that moment? ...


I switched to a 3rd party Exchange app and set the built-in Email application to Manual sync. It seems to work now.


Yes. There are many apps out there which can sync your exchange calendar with your android device. But most of the easier and more elegant software are paid-for apps. The only good enough free app I could find is this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.mp.calendar.sync

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