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The Exchange option is only available for users with the Exchange Services package installed. Unfortunately, this package doesn't come installed on all Android phones (as far as I know, only the Nexus devices come with it preinstalled) and isn't available on the Play Store. However, I did find a link where the apk file can be downloaded from. After ...


you might try clearing the caches from recovery. that seems to help slow down for me. power down the device press and hold vol up + home + power until you enter recovery mode. press vol down until "wipe cache partition" is highlighted, then press power to select. let recovery wipe and format the cache partition. then select "reboot system now" to boot ...


Sure. It's super easy and worth freezing that app. Open App Info and tap on "Disable".


Open Settings (for your phone, not the Sunrise app) Scroll down to Accounts Tap Add Account Select Exchange Account Set up your Exchange Account


I went to Security - Device Maintenance and deleted the corporate email setting


Open Contacts -> Contacts to Display -> Show all contacts If you select Show all Contacts all contacts in all the accounts you configured in you phone will be display. If you want to show only the contacts saved in your Exchange account select the configured Exchange account in the Contacts to Display menu selection. A preview of how it might look ...


In the Contacts app go to the three dots and select Contacts to Display. Make sure the Exchange account is included in the contacts being displayed.

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