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Do the following: Run getevent without the -lt flag. Press the key you want to test a few times. You'll get three lines something like: /dev/input/eventn: 0004 0004 longnum /dev/input/eventn: 0001 4_DIGIT_NUMBER_OF_INTEREST MASK /dev/input/eventn: 0000 0000 longemptynum The 4_DIGIT_NUMBER_OF_INTEREST is the scan-code. In your .kl file (in ...


This can be due to a number of reasons: 1) You have a layout conflict between the OS and the Bluetooth keyboard, as pointed out by the previous answerer. Resolve this by going into the "Physical Keyboard Settings" option in the settings of whatever 3rd-party keyboard app you may have as default, or if you use the inbuilt soft keyboard, go into ...

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