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Use your slimport to charge and HDMI and get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, that is the optimal configuration. The only dumb thing LG didn't predicted is to turn off the phone display when you are using an external.


I solved this by installing Termux, which is a "terminal emulator". This particular terminal emulator can install gtypist for you, which is a superb, well thought out free and open source typing tutor, well-known in the linux world. gtypist is very easy to use, and you only need to know two Termux commands. Just install Termux from the Play store, open a ...


Here’s how to set things right. First, turn on bluetooth on your device & connect to the external keyboard. On android device, you need to go into the Settings menu, then find the ‘Language & input’ option. (On recent versions of Android, you should see a ‘Select keyboard layout’ option in your notifications, which will take you to the same place.) ...

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