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I have Swiftkey and Android 4.4. The following works for me: Control + Tab, then Enter.


I turn on my bluetooth keyboard That is probably detected as configuration change, which triggers a restart of the current activity in android (chrome in your case). Only the app developer can change this behavior, so the only thing you could do is to file a bug report.


Ok, this is not the answer, this is some kind of "workaround" that I don't like. It works but makes me memorize another super key combo. # In the keycharmap I puted this: # this is the default for this key key GRAVE { label: '`' base: '`' shift: '~' alt: ...


I figured it out and verified that it works. Basically, you need to use a Character Map that has a type of ALHPA. This should make it so that the modifier keys, SHIFT in particular, behave the right way for thumb typing.

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