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I don't know about keyboard shortcuts for answering a call on Android. What you can do is to connect a USB mouse and use mouse gestures that replicate touch input, it is cumbersome but it should work. I've been doing that on a tablet with a similar problem.


After a very long ordeal, several trips to several different Apple stores and basic trial and errors, I have found the solution as I blogged here: http://eduncan911.com/technology/hardware/google-nexus-10-and-apple-wireless-keyboard.html The situation is that Apple made 3 different bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboards, noted by years: 2007, 2009 and 2011. ...


It works, among other shortcuts, on my Galaxy s4 with a bluetooth external keyboard (iWerkz) I guess that's due to the underlying Linux layer of Android that provides some basic functionalities, like when you plug in an old a USB keyboard in usb host mode and it just works.

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