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Worst case, there's an app for that. Several, actually, but apedroid is well-reviewed, currently being maintained, and has a free demo version if you want to make sure it works for your set-up. $2-ish for the full version so "worst case" might be an overstatement.


Root the device; Install Xposed framework; Install Xposed Additions; Enable Xposed Additions in Xposed Framework, restart the device; Open Xposed Additions setup; Buttons -> Allow External Devices -> Keyboard; Add new Key -> Press the button you wan to disable on the keyboard -> OK -> Go to the newly appeared menu entry for the button you have chosen -> Add ...


I don't know of software that will allow any given keyboard to pair with multiple devices at a time, but the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 will do that. It has a wheel to cycle through and choose which device you want to use.


The free Android automation app Automate can change the input method (soft keyboard) using its Input method set building block. But changing input method will require a rooted device.

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