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No there is no way you can view your own password, once the password is entered correctly you get a session with Facebook. Your phones uses this to authenticate with Facebook. In other words, the password is no longer in the device its memory. You can however reset it here. For this you need to have registered a phone number or email.


Try going to Settings > Apps > All > Chrome > Clear Data. Or try Firefox if it works, or try installing the Facebook app. Or uninstalling Chrome and test the factory version if it works, or updating it to the latest stable version. Oh! I see.. You are using Cyanogen? Try using other browsers, including Opera Mobile, Mozilla Firefox, and Dolphin Browser.


Which Chrome browser version you're using exactly? So I just went around reading about the issue (of which I also experienced too), and realized it appears to be fixed already, at least for me. To confirm again, I also quickly pulled my phone and tried viewing images on Facebook via Chrome, and they appeared nicely, not in small size. Assuming the issue ...


[Can I] save my Facebook password? If you're using a browser on your Android OS, preferably popular ones like Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. then you can enable Save Password functionality for websites. Mostly, it is enabled as default setting. On the other hand, if you're using an app like Facebook to log-in into your account, then it is not possible to ...

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