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The only way to do this I know of is to circumvent facebook when selecting photos. To do this: go to your gallery select the photo(s) you want to send press share on those choose the method as facebook or messenger. If you want I can explain in more detail, just comment if that's the case.


If you add Facebook IDs to the note field of your contacts (or you have been using a HTC Sense device which had probably done it for you), you can try ContactSyncDuck for Facebook. Disclaimer: I am affiliated with this application.


there is a simple solution to hide facebook downloaded pictures from google photo or the stock galery or technically speaking hide them from the android media scanner. locate where the photos are downloaded facebook download to your external storage /DCIM/facebook and the facebook messenger app store it's pictures under /pictures/messenger use a file ...


Us the messenger app. It now supports HD video calling https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca

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