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This is because of ROOTING.You should UNROOT.


You can use two Facebook account in a single facebook application, for that you have to install first an application Parallel Space that is easy available from Google Play. There you will get an option for Facebook application, and that Facebook will work in Parallel Space application.


Use Greenify to cut off the wake up paths of the Facebook app after greenifying it. This is the best method I know.


Did you try Force Quit? You can always force quit an app: Go to your settings Scroll until you see App manager, Apps, Application Manager (You might need to go to general tab if your Android is not the old version) Swipe left or right until you arrive at Running tab Find Facebook app (or whatever app you are trying to force quit) Press Force Quit ...


Greenify prevents apps from running when they are not actively in use. It works seamlessly without needing to manually freeze and unfreeze it.


There's an awesome app called "Tinfoil for Facebook" that offers all the benefits of FB without being so resource - consuming . Link:

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