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It is called A/B testing. It is a part of Facebook test and targets few users. You cannot get that version, its Facebook who controls which user gets that and its basically random.


It is the new Facebook app design. You don't choose to have it and it is not tied to a apk, but rather to your account. At a certain time, when you connect your account on a device and if your account has the new design, the app will switch itself to its design, but not instantaneously.


The "draw over other apps" permission (known to developers as android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW) only lets the app create a window of type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT. This is the same type of window used by the battery warning, amongst other things, and is shown on top of any normal window, whatever you're doing. Drawing this window on top of the other windows ...


Facebook doesn't allow it - you would have to use another app like Haxsync and give it permission to access your profile.

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