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Why cant i play any games on Facebook with my Galaxy A tablet


Per the answer here, follow these instructions: Go to the login page, tap on "Problems in signing". Enter your primary Facebook email, Skype will send a code to your email. Copy it, go back to the Skype app. Tap on enter the key, paste the key in it. There's your Skype account named Tap on your Facebook profile, tap sign in with ...


As of now, there is no official way to see your Facebook friends on your phone's contacts app. There might be some hacks to get it done though, with some risky apps, which I strongly discourage using. -- Facebook has developed an app called Facebook Hello as an alternative contacts app. Try that, maybe.


Mine doesn't show the option of the I either - you have to go into a chat and click the persons name at the top - there it will give you the option to change color text and emoji :)

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