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I had the same problem and I could fix it changing the usb port, it works!


I had the same problem, but it turned out that adb didn't have to see the device in order for fastboot to see it. I'm guessing you want to flash Android 5.0 to your Nexus 7? I just did that by following these instructions. An extra thing I had to do was adding a udev rule, as described here. (However, I removed the GROUP ="plugdev" part of the rule, since ...


I didn't realize it right away, but there are different ADB drivers and Fastboot drivers. I had installed the google usb drivers with the SDK extras and ADB worked great but I got the "waiting for device" trying to flash in fastboot mode. I went to device manager from the control panel and saw the "Android 1.0" device with the yellow icon showing it wasn't ...


I use macbook and encountered exactly the same problem. Finally I successfully flash my phone (Flame). The key is to enter "Fastboot mode" by pressing down Volume Down and Power buttons together(Detail is in the section of official guide). When you're in Fastboot mode and your device is connected to computer, run fastboot devices again. This time the ...

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