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You can download and flash a factory image from here: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#razorktu84p it also includes instructions at the top on how to do it. This will restore it completely to stock.


This is how i recovered mine sometime ago: First you need to Download the correct .blob (Firmware) file from the Asus site here. When you downloaded the correct Firmware unzip it and remember its directory. Boot it into fastboot mode (when you press volume down on the little android it seems that the tablet is stuck but actually it is in fastboot mode) and ...


Autoupdates brick a lot of Transformers when on CM. Bad sounding situation, in my opinion. Fastboot and ADB are the only ways you could recover your device if you have a bad bootloader and recovery. Have you tried holding Vol-Down while resetting with a paperclip? That should force fastboot. If not, we can try adb. Do you have adb access while your ...


After doing some research, I've realized that you can find out if your bootloader is unlocked or not by entering your device's fastboot mode (from your device's boot menu selection, select AP Fastboot). About four or five lines down from the top, you'll either see Device is LOCKED or Device is UNLOCKED. Sadly, I found this out only after attempting to flash ...

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