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Here is the solution: http://shareit.lenovo.com/ install ShareIt on Phone. Install ShareIt on PC Open ShareIt PC, choose "Connect to phone" Open ShareIt on Android, choose "Connect to PC" Enjoy. The app support "Play to PC", "PPT control", "Remote view" and, most important, it support to get LARGE file from PC then save directly on extSDcard.


i guess that is a bug but you may use bulk rename utility Section 1: match: (.*).txt replace: \1 section 11 remove Section 12: filter: *.php.txt hope it helps


@LongTTH First of all, I'm not on Kitkat, but on Lollipop, just in case... You can copy files from you PC to your phone through Xender, it works perfectly. But first you must get rid of the annoying message in web.xender.com (that you are showing in your picture). In fact you must do the authorisation process in Xender ON YOUR PHONE, you can't do it in ...


All my wvm files that I found were copies of Google Play TV/movies that I'd downloaded previously and thought I'd deleted off the storage afterwards. I got rid of about 4gb of those files by using a file manager app and searching the device for wvm files.

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