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Well I think I found the answer to my own question. You can create folders if you are in default android 6.0 app drawer this way: press and hold the right hardware button (the square one) while being in the app drawer screen, then select 'edit/uninstall apps'and drag an up onto another one. This creates a folder with these 2 apps inside it!


Yeah you´re right. The problem is caused by the file system of the SD card. Probably you use FAT32 as file system of your SD card which is using the OEM character set (Read more). And the OEM set seems to not contain some characters you need as you found out. So you need a different file system on your SD card which is using UTF-8 character set (NTFS on ...


Actually what you see is "Downloads History", not "Downloads Directory". So the item will remains even though the actual file has been moved/deleted. Same concept like web browser downloads history, the history item will not remove even though the actual file has been deleted in file explorer. For example, Firefox Downloads history, you need to explicitly ...

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