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The gesture feature is explained on its official manual (scroll down to Gesture), albeit slightly outdated. What is the purpose of the small spot at the center of the screen when I turn on the app? The small spot (or the "gesture water drop", as it's officially called) is the trigger to start gesture action. As hinted by the error message, you have to ...


Download FX File Explorer from Google Play. It shows all the memory locations mounted on device on it's home screen. There is a search button above. Tap on it and search with file name. It searches both internal and external memory.


First a description. The path that contains acct, cache, config, d, data, dev, mnt, proc, etc is the device's root directory. The root directory is the root of all filesystem hierarchy in an Android device. When you connect an Android device via USB to a computer, usually via MTP in newer devices or USB Mass Storage in older devices, the root directory of ...

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