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As mentioned in another answer, on devices that use FUSE for SD card emulation (such as modern Nexus devices), only root can change timestamps of files in /sdcard. Since things like MTP and ADB don't run as root, you can't preserve the timestamps with these methods. However, if your device is rooted, you can fix the timestamps with a separate step ...


Quick and easy solution: simply use a PC or Mac to copy the files from the old SD Card (or PC) to the new SD Card. Use a PC/Mac with an SD Card reader/writer (there are USB-to-SD Card converters) which sees the card as a FAT32 USB storage. When you're done copying, re-insert the new card in your phone and reboot.


for find File Format, copy this file in Linux, then use this command: file input i tried many commands for this in terminal(Android), and does not work.

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