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You could do that using dd directly on the device, making sure the output goes to a partition you can afford to be modified. I will not "rank" here from a forensics point of view (where of course it is best to have nothing modified on the device, which is not always possible, etc.), but simply list options. As you are looking for data written by apps, you're ...


If the ADB daemon is not running in root mode, you cannot push to /system/app even with /system mounted read-write, due to not be given the permission. As you correctly pointed out, adb root is no option on non-development-devices ("adbd cannot run as root in production builds"). To fix this up, take a look at chainfire's adb Insecure. This app requires ...


Files that are put externally have different permissions from those that you put through MTP. You should use MTP or change file permissions.


It sounds like your filesystem is being corrupted by whatever else you're using to write to it with the external card reader. Probably you need to be sure to unmount the device correctly before removing the card from the reader. For example, in Windows you need to select "Safely remove hardware". When you write files to the SD card, from any kind of ...


Do this : adb shell su mount -o remount,rw /system /system if you have problems adding data into it through adb do this and remember to revert to the original. chown system /system ......do your adb stuf..... chown root /system thats it goodluck


Here is a tool to import from Google Translate: https://github.com/jamhed/anki


You have a couple of options. The easiest way is to buy nexus media importer - it was $4 last I checked. You can use the nexus photo viewer app to make sure it will work. I used it with a flash drive on my nexus 10 and it worked great. The alternative is to root and use stickmount. I prefer to root my devices, so I would recommend that way, but is does come ...

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