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You can view Android internal storage files without having root access to your device, using adb shell. In your case directory/files will be different. Add path to environment variable: C:\Users\Mohammad\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools # otherwise cd to that directory Open terminal command prompt (Run → cmd) Run command: adb shell To ...


Even it does not fully answer the question, here's a guide to decrypt the external storage formatted as internal. The gist is that we you search for strings including the keyword expand and ending with .key within vold using: $ strings vold|grep -i expand --change-name=0:android_expand %s/expand_%s.key /mnt/expand/%s It returns a 16-byte key. ...


The filesystem you're trying to create the symbolic link on doesn't support symbolic links. All the native Linux filesystems (ext2-4) support symlinks, but the DOS filesystem used on SD cards doesn't, and several others don't. For a filesystem implemented with FUSE (as in this case), it's entirely up to the filesystem driver, so you can't tell whether it ...


When you connect the phone using USB, a notification comes up saying USB for charging. You just need to click on it to change the setting. Ankush's comment helped me arrive at the solution.

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