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You're not limited to using the Gallery app to view your images. I've loaded a file explorer app called ES File Explorer File Manager that allows me to traverse not only the local content of my phone, but, also, any network drives I may have access to. When selecting an image file, you are presented with a list of programs that are registered to open the ...


Disconnect your device from PC Movie file To other directory like "Playlist" via file manager Now, connect again your device and do your stuff with your files :)


Let's just clarify one thing: in your Internal Storage (not SD card), different system folders have different meaning: /system: that's basically where your OS is placed, along with system apps you can't uninstall without using a root file explorer and other core things. I believe it is automatically wiped when you flash a new ROM /data: that's where apps ...


You can see sizes and usage statistics of all mounted partitions by simply using this command: df Note, the typical df -h does not work here and is not needed because the output is already in megabytes. The command works within adb shell and the Android terminal emulator, but not in the Recovery mode terminal because nothing is mounted at that point.

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