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If you are logged into your Google account, your Phrasebook will synchronize across devices and you can also access it from the web interface of Google Translate. Furthermore, after importing to Anki you can synchronize your decks across devices. In the web interface of Google Translate, show the Phrasebook by clicking the Phrasebook icon in the upper ...


Are you talking about Google Play Movies & TV? I think this is only for rented / purchased movies in Google Play. To play an MP4 file on your device, try an app like MX Player.


Im running a Galaxy note 3 The solution to the problem i found was by using the android file browser and moving the folder/file i had downloaded to another directory that wasnt as cluttered. This enabled me to see the 50mb .rar file i had downloaded and pulled it onto my PC. I dont know if this solution will help anyone, but it worked for me. Thanks all ...


Do you have an insecure kernel (boot.img)? Write access to the system partition is usually blocked by the kernel at boot. You may need to flash a modified kernel to be able to obtain write access to /system with adb. Can you mount /system as r/w in the OS? Then you could push the file to the SD card using adb or just normal USB (MTP or Mass Storage ...

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