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Total Commander with the LAN plug-in will let you copy the files to a regular shared drive, or you can use the Wi-Fi tool to setup a temporary custom share with another phone/tablet - it creates a share then displays a QR code which the other device then scans. Fast, free and easy. You will need to zip it first and create a shared drive on the MAC (which ...


if your phone is rooted you can use wifi adb and then backup your data with moborobo


I wrote a Bash (Linux) script that runs adb pull and then compares the md5sums of the pulled files with the original files. If the md5sums don't match, the script will automatically remove the corrupted pulled files and then retry adb pull again. I put the script on Pastebin here (thanks to the tip from GiantTree).


From what I have seen so far (and I use adb pull very often), there is no verification process going on. If a file, that has been pulled, is corrupted, you will get no notification about it whatsoever.


The storage is soldered to the smaller board shown in Step 13 of this teardown. The challenge with this is being able to salvage that part. You could attempt a transplant of that board into your new S4 and see what happens (this is the most realistic answer), but there is no guarantee that it is usable because of the possible damage from the water. The ...

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