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The trick is to add /. to the name of the folder you want to copy: adb pull /sdcard/. backup This copies the whole directory recursively.


You can try Airdroid as it available even for Ubuntu OS. It is one of the easiest way to transfer from PC to mobile or vice versa. Go to Google Store and look for Airdroid and have it in your mobile. On browser type - http://web.airdroid.com Put in your user name and pass -> Boom you will have complete control of your mobile from your system. If you like ...


I recently came across this issue on a Nexus 5 and tried most the solutions listed here with no luck. In my case, it looks to be caused by a recognized bug with stock Android (source). My solution was as follows - I used Windows 8.1, but no reason this wouldn't work on OSX/Linux (root is required on device however). On your PC, create a .tar.gz archive of ...


I think it's because Mac does not have all the required drivers. It's like you can't connect your iPhone to a Windows computer properly without iTunes.


Files that are put externally have different permissions from those that you put through MTP. You should use MTP or change file permissions.

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