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You should be able to go into Settings>Application Manager and clear data and cache for the Firefox application.


This is a known bug. It seems like it was introduced with 4.2.2. Downgrading to before that is not a good option, but might be available to you. It affects multiple browsers with multiple keyboards, so I assume the issue must be with the specific type of text field used for their address bars. I used to encounter this with Chrome but haven't lately, so ...


Seems the only solution turned out to be a workaround. By using an email Application instead of a browser to manage emails, we are able to copy and paste as you would expect.


Can someone please explain all the steps involved in the process of displaying the Indic font by Firefox browser (in the particular scenario explained above)? The indicfont.ttf was placed in the /system/fonts directory. If you have control over the website, I suggest you should add a @font-face rule to the site's CSS stylesheet. This will work on all ...


To answer the second part of your question first: 'Why does the previous solution only work on Firefox browser and not on other mobile browsers?' You are using TTF file. This type of font file is supported by firefox , Safari and Chrome. The other browsers may not support it. For eg: IE supports EOT ; Opera supports SVG etc. But mostly all android browsers ...

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