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I'm unsure about Lollipop (as a KitKat user), but I'm guessing you've already checked every tab in the Apps menu? Otherwise, does ES File Explorer (or ES Music Player) have a settings menu that would allow you to change the way it opens files? If not, I'd recommend uninstalling ES File Explorer and then reinstalling it.


Well, the simple way to do that is by heading over to the setting>application manager>tap over the firefox (clear its defaults stored) also search for "ES Music Player" over application manager tap over it (Clear the app defaults). Now you try what you are doing previously this time it will ask for the application to select opening the file !


I think this question here on the Mozilla Support site is a similar problem to yours: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1013146 Otherwise...try uninstalling/re-installing the app. Also...you could always download a different browser.

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