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Apps on Android store their data in /data/data/[package_name], so Firefox should be keeping its data in /data/data/org.mozilla.firefox. NOTE: To access this directory you need root access. Use file:///data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/ from inside Firefox to access the folder (without root). This work because Firefox owns the folder (see the comments)


Steps to Access Download Mode on ZTE Kis 3 Max Turn off the device Remove the memory card from the device Press and hold Volume Down key + Volume Up key simultaneously Press and hold Power key until the device completely freezes. You can flash a ROM as usual after that. The stock ROM for your phone can be downloaded here. Source


Go to the Play Store and download and install a launcher e.g. Google Now Launcher. When you open the launcher it will give you options to select an interface you wish to use. Select a new one and your phone will exit the Firefox OS Launcher. Then if you'd like to permanently delete the Firefox OS Launcher go to Settings/Personal/Home and you'll find your ...

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