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Try Pixelpipe, it lists both DropBox & Flickr support.


If you install the official Dropbox app it adds a "Dropbox" option to the share options in the standard Gallery app. There isn't an official Flickr app for Android at the moment, but there a number of 3rd party apps that allow you to upload from your phone to Flickr, I haven't tred any of them so can't give you a recommendation, you should be able to find ...


Go to: Settings -> Accounts and sync Do you see a Flickr account there? If so, either make sure you are using that account with the Gallery or try deleting that account and trying the Gallery again.


One solution would in fact be using a specialized photo app: Fotor for Android. Next to a bunch of features for taking and editing photos, the app description mentions: Using Fotor you can easily share your amazing photos with friends and family! Share photos via email, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, with just one touch. Which is exactly what you asked ...

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