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More often than not, Digital. Consider: How in the world would the motor for moving a lens fit in a phone case? For that matter, where would the find the room to have variable focal length? Would the manufacturers really put such a battery-drainer in the unit? How much more expensive would it be, too? Should somebody actually come up with a phone with ...


Al Everett has suggested that "no Android camera has [optical zoom]", but the 14-Megapixel Altek Leo Android seems to have 3x optical zoom "(not digital like other cellphones)." The Altek Leo won't be available until at least 2011, though.


The best way to tell if it is digital or optical: Do the pixels look blown up (and therefore blurry)?


The focus function is achieved by moving the lens back or forth so it is actually a mechanical thing. You can try it yourself. Download ZXings Barcode Scanner and fire it up. You'll hear a click every time it tries to refocus you can also see the lens moving back and forth.


Yes, InstaCamera, made in New Zealand...!


FREE solution: I've had success with a fraction of a drop of water or oil over the lens of the camera on my ZTE Score. It causes bar codes close to the camera to be in focus, and they read reliably. Enough to form a convex surface, but not so much that it drops off. The ZTE Score has a smooth back; I dip my finger in oil and, with the lens aimed up, ...


(I'll address your 2nd edit below...) Some cheap camera modules don't include an auto focus feature, i.e. they are fix-focus'ed to infinity. Barcode scanners need a near focus though and cannot (or hardly) scan the resulting blurry images that result from infinity-focused fix-focus cameras. The only way around this would be to attach a macro lens ...


It seems that it is HW issue. Unfortunately it occurred at the same time as I upgraded to ICS, but it is a HW issue.


Um there is a way to tell if the phone has a optical lense... Actually 2 ways. When zooming in, is there a motor sound coming from the phone? When zooming in, does the camera lens look different (duh, it zoomed so it should look different when looking directly into the camera). 99% chance that the answer is NO.


Use Evernote. It has a dedicated Page Camera feature for your purpose. You can continuously snap documents with it. If you are a premium user, keywords from your snapped documents will be indexed with OCR technologies (which will be useful in searching). And, it works great (I am a premium user & I have used it). If you aren't, just buy premium ...


In general , macro photography from wiki says extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size...The ratio of the subject size on the film plane (or sensor plane) to the actual subject size is known as the reproduction ratio. Likewise, a macro lens is ...


if you know the exact position to touch for focusing the camera, you can use adb shell input tap <x><y> . This will simulate a touch on the particular (x,y) cordinates.


I'm sure there's some way technically to simply shut off the autofocus, making the camera start up in a default focus and never moving away from that. It is however not a function that I am aware of that it exists in custom ROMS, because that's the only place you'll find modifications like this, and unless there's a big demand for it, it's unlikely someone ...


This may be a long shot but check the camera lens, it might have a small piece of see through plastic that starts to get worn out. Pictures on my new phone were blurry right from the start and I didn't know what to do. Then I noticed that the lens felt a bit rubbery, so I scratched very carefully with my nails and to my amazement the small piece of rubber ...

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