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I just tried opening "n-category cafe" using Chrome in my Nexus 5, and it works normally. So it's probably just a problem with your browser settings. Check if you are allowing sites to run Javascript by going to Settings -> Site Settings -> Javascipt in your Chrome browser.


I've found the solution. I was easily able to fix it by using pinch gestures on the screen. It works the same as viewing a webpage. Pinch apart to zoom in, pinch together to zoom out.


As Per this site Install gujarati fonts in Android Google has finally added Gujarati fonts to Android 5.0 (Lollipop) in the Nexus line of phones. The fonts are called Noto Sans Gujarati and Noto Sans Gujarati UI and both come in regular and bold versions, though they are seemingly indistinguishable. Google still has to add Gujarati keyboard input though ...

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