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Google recently released Google Hindi IME (Input Method Editor, a techy name for keyboard) which I now saw with my friend's Nexus 4. It has the requested Rupee symbol:


If you are ready to shell out a few bucks then you can buy SwiftKey. It shows the rupee symbol over the key 'X'. Just make sure you set the language of your phone to "English (India)" otherwise you won't get the rupee symbol (link). There is also a trial version of SwiftKey available for one month.


As it seems you can access your device via ADB, you should be able to remount /system read/write to repair that file, using adb remount After that, you can copy the intact DroidSans.ttf to /system/fonts, overwriting the 0-byte-file. Following a reboot, /system will be mounted read-only again, and everything should be working. In case that adb remount ...


I have a GS4 vers. 4.3 I had the same problem. But the use of the volume key solves my issue. Resized using volume key while in the messaging mode. Viola!


Fonts are always stored at /system/fonts. By changing the system font to Chinese, and looking in that directory, you may be able to find the font. Hope this helps.


You should follow the developer's step-by-step instructions. To summarise, if you downloaded a zip file, first unzip it (using any zip file app) to get to the .ttf or .otf file, then click that file to open it in Phonto, which will add the font.


I have not seen any setting to change the font size. However, you can pinch-in and pinch-out to zoom.


You can also use AnySoftKeyboard, which supports the ₹ symbol now. Just long-tap the $ key.

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