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I believe the font is called Droid. A few variations (sans, sans mono, serif, condensed) are available from DroidFonts.com, though it should be noted that Droid Sans may be the only to contain Chinese characters. Each of the Droid fonts was custom designed by Ascender and optimized for on-screen legibility with the Android platform. ... [Droid ...


Fonts are always stored at /system/fonts. By changing the system font to Chinese, and looking in that directory, you may be able to find the font. Hope this helps.


In order to get a font of the regional language you will first need to Root your device. Follow this in order to understand what does rooting a device mean and this question on how to root.There is one more site which is providing rooting specific to your device After you have rooted the device then you need a file manager application like ES file ...


Root the mobile first. Then install the app "Font Installer" from Play Store. Download some Gujarathi font, keep it in SDCard and install through Font Installer app.


Well, try heading over to the Google code, it's freely distributed you can get it over the below stated link. (https://code.google.com/p/ankidroid/wiki/FreelyDistributableFonts)

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