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I guess your phone is soft bricked. Try re-partitioning it with the pit file and flashing the original stock firmware. This will not take 4-hours.


Go to Download mode. Open Odin. Under the PDA, this file. You might have to download philz_touch_6.15.6jflte.tar.md5. Wait until Odin recognizes it, and then press Start. You'll be currently working with a slim kat version of Samsung S4. Hope it helped.


I just did it cant believe............... I find a command on a website where i just place my mmcblk number that I known via Paragon exFAT,NTFS&HFS+.apk app and run this command as a Super user " mkfs.vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p33 " and now i got my internal storage back on my phone.


It is possible. I found some instructions here that partially apply: http://androidandme.com/2009/08/news/how-to-manually-partition-your-sd-card-for-android-apps2sd/ DO TAKE CARE, IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND COMMANDS WELL, DONT TRY THIS OUT. The difference is that you just want one partition in fat32. mkpartfs primary fat32 0 [last MB] # where last MB is ...

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