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I formatted a 1GB micro SD card in my SGS 3 (Android 4.3) then checked it in Windows 8.1 on a PC. The Properties dialog says it is FAT. (also the PC can read the content without any problems) I also formatted it to exFAT on the PC and put it in the phone. It could read and write to it. On the other hand, a NTFS card was reported as unsupported. More info: ...


The solution was to send a support request to SanDisk, who told me to break the chip in half and then send it back to them since it is still under warranty. http://kb.sandisk.com/app/ask/p/557,785,786,2158


"Erase SD card" formats it. Back up data before formatting, because all of the files are deleted. You can format from the PC aswell, by mounting as Mass Storage, and formatting it like an regular USB.

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