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New app Location Alert will do this. Never forget another task with Location Alert - now available completely free! Location Alert is a cutting-edge application that reminds you to perform tasks based upon your current location, rather than time. Often there are tasks to which you cannot specify a certain time, however, would like to be ...


If you are already using Locale (which is not free), Astrid is a free task/todo list manager which can be configured to open a list of tasks with a specific tag. Astrid also integrates with Remember the Milk. You can configure the list to open by various Locale conditions, including location. I use it to remind me of maintenance tasks when I'm near the ...


The solution use this AirPush Detector - This will flag the apps installed that are doing this intrusive advertising on the status bar. Personally, and for that reason alone, I steer clear of those kind of apps and uninstall them and nuke it. They are not worth my time to download from. Report it to Google Name and shame the developer and their app. ...


There are several apps you can use to find which apps are employing which ad networks. Try searching for "ad network detector". Personally, I've used Lookout Ad Network Detector.

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