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Clear app data of Media Storage app. Find and delete .nomedia files on sdcard. And reboot. Terminal command to delete .nomedia files recursively. Install Terminal Emulator for Android app. Open it and enter the command. find $EXTERNAL_STORAGE $SECONDARY_STORAGE -iname ".nomedia" -exec rm {} \;


Ok first, if the photos already have a wrong timestamp, there's nothing your phone is doing wrong. You just need to readjust the time stamps. Do this easily by using any photo editor on your phone or pc and open them and save them with a different name or as is. It will change the time to your specific machine, phone or pc time, do it with every photo and ...


You may want to look into some EXIF editors to edit the metadata of those images (specifically the time). I can't name any great editors in particular, but there are plenty of apps and programs available as I looked through. If I find any good ones, I'll be sure to tell you the names of them. Best of luck!

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