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you will find an option to turn off auto downloading and saving of images in your mail settings.


Open dropbox view camera uploads press circled arrow of chosen pic, select more, then select open with, choose 'gallery' wait for jpg to open then press your own phone menu button ( in samsung bottom left corner) select set as then proceed for wallpaper or home screen. :)


The only solution to "NO space to draw images" while opening the Gallery is to connect it to a computer via USB then delete all unwanted photos from the Gallery and/or all WhatsApp images. Even delete other videos and audio files in the WhatsApp folder (if applicable). I tried this and it works every time.


There might be a file in the folder with the images not visible called ".nomedia". The file, by existing, tells the android system to not include the images in the folder in the media scan. That means that many gallery apps won't see the images. If you have a file manager installed, and know what folder the image is in, you can navigate to the folder and ...

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