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Just search Google Play "android controller pc", there will be 4joy or other app but I had installed 4joy. This app can connect via BT or Wifi. why would you use your phone rather than you keyboard, tought both are flat and doesn't have trigger button (R or L)


Yes, this is now possible and recently I saw a demo unit that meets your requirement. The demo was from HANNspree and they connected their 23" touch monitor (HT231HPB) together with their 10" Tablet. You can also use the touch-screen monitor to control the action on the Android device. In few words a two-way sync between the tablet and the touch monitor.


The device does not support all of the features, candy crush requires, and therefor the play store will not allow you to install it. You can attempt to download the APK from the interweb or try an alternative repository. Amazon app store perhaps?


I found a few things that helped. I was able to get it to work by flashing stock with oden, reflashing my rom, then downloading the game. I was able to reproduce the issue when I backed up FF VI via titanium backup then recovered it. This seemed to cause this issue until the system was cleared. I will do some more testing to see what in the system needed to ...

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