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There are huge number of consoles that can be emulated on android devices including gameboy, nintendo, myboy and some other similar consoles too. The best by far is the PSP emulator for android called PPSSPP, it works best although might require good hardware configuration on your android device. Here is how to play psp games on android using ppsspp


Is it possible? Yes, if you do enough tweaking to the graphics drivers so it doesn't crash or at least renders something. Some graphical effects may not work properly or it may be extremely slow, or you may have to add swap space, or edit the apk to skip particularly intensive parts. You can always make any games "work" with enough effort. Is it a good ...


To the best of my knowledge, just having your phone rooted does not make it Memory efficient and that means it will not automatically become suitable for high end mobile games. Rooting phone gives you additional privileges, one of most common of which is a privilege to remove system apps that are shipped by your device manufacturer. You can try this ...

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