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Took me a while to find this answer, so sharing here... Lollipop uses different routing tables with rules per user and/or interface. Here is a sample when I'm connected on wifi: root@hammerhead:/ # ip rule show 0: from all lookup local 10000: from all fwmark 0xc0000/0xd0000 lookup legacy_system 13000: from all fwmark 0x10063/0x1ffff lookup ...


SMS Gateway from the android store does exactly what you want. Periodically checks for e-mails via POP3 and send them via SMS. Send SMS by HTTP GET request on its internal webserver. Forward received SMS to desired e-mail via SMTP. Forward received SMS by calling remote webserver via HTTP GET.


Here's what I wound up doing - I reset the router to defaults, and I was able to get conected - I gradually restored everything back to the way I had it (ssid, security etc), and never lost connectivity, so I'm not sure what, if anything is different.

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