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The gesture feature is explained on its official manual (scroll down to Gesture), albeit slightly outdated. What is the purpose of the small spot at the center of the screen when I turn on the app? The small spot (or the "gesture water drop", as it's officially called) is the trigger to start gesture action. As hinted by the error message, you have to ...


It worked for me to go into the Text Correction section of the Google Keyboard settings and then to Add-On Dictionaries. Emoji for English words said it was available so I installed it and then removed it. The auto correct of emoji icons has stopped for me since.


Go to Language & Input Google Keyboard Text correction Add On Dictionaries Now click on the "Delete" button next to "Emoji for English words" Done. :-)


Go to Settings of your phone. Then choose Languange & input. On the default you can see keyboards. Click emoji's setting. Uncheck the Enable gesture typing.


Just type it in once, click it, and save it. Done. You can also go to Settings > Language and Input > Personal Dictionary and add your words from there.


I don't know about your specific issue, but Swiftkey 4 has gesture typing that's worked for me in multiple languages (English and French).

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