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Hook up an external keyboard with a Micro USB OTG adapter. Monoprice has one here http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=108&cp_id=10833&cs_id=1083314&p_id=9724&seq=1&format=2


Did u set 2 step verification to your Gmail account? If yes then you need to set Application Specific Password to your account. Login to your Gmail from Desktop. Goto Settings page. Find Authorizing Application & sites page. Goto Application Specific Password section Set your app name and device and Password, then click Ok. Now you can login to ...


As a workaround for not seeing the password, you could type your login name and password into an app that uses plain text, like a notebook or even an email. Then copy each, one at a time, and paste them into the name and password field for the login. It seems like I've seen an option to show passwords somewhere, but I enabled that, and I still don't see ...

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