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Did u set 2 step verification to your Gmail account? If yes then you need to set Application Specific Password to your account. Login to your Gmail from Desktop. Goto Settings page. Find Authorizing Application & sites page. Goto Application Specific Password section Set your app name and device and Password, then click Ok. Now you can login to ...


To log into GMail after attaching any sort of 2 Factor Auth, one has to create an Application specific password for use with your Google Account. For that, you have to to the Authorization Page in your Google Account, enter a custom name and google will create a secure password that one can use with any device. This password is only visible once after ...


Use a application token: If familiar with Two Factor Auth. /Multi. Factor Auth. on Github or Bitbucket and use a ssh token essentially the exact same thing. May I recommend using google authenticator ---which by default creates 10 OTPs (one time passwords) that can be used if the FIDO is not pre registered.


I had a similar problem with another Android tablet. 2 step verification was turned on, but after typing correct password and code, I got a similar screen to the original post. Google help was unhelpful but I managed to solve it by attempting to apply an app password. [Note that in this fix, for me, I did not in fact need to set an app password]. At one ...

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