What is GMail?

GMail is a webmail service as well as an app for Android. It further features POP3 and IMAP4 access, so it can be used with 3rd party mail clients as well. A detailed description can be found e.g. at Wikipedia.

What should you use this tag for?

If your issue is with either the GMail app or the GMail service, this tag is appropriate. For other apps and services, as well as for related topics, please refer to the Related tags section below.

Related tags

Related apps and email services

  • : for generic mail issues, or when no other specific tag exists for the app you've got issues with
  • : Microsoft's Hotmail service and its app and its newer pendants labeled Outlook.Com
  • : issues with the most favored 3rd party mail app, K9-Mail by K-9 Dog Walkers
  • : the mail app shipped with your Android device (not GMail)
  • : mail service and app from Yahoo

Related topics

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