Go SMS is a messaging app that can be used in place of the stock messaging app. This offers a wide variety of features than a normal messaging app.

Free Features

  • 200+ personalized themes ´╝łkeep increasing)
  • Over 800 emoticons for messaging
  • Private Box to better protect your privacy
  • Free SMS and MMS
  • SMS blocker to smartly block spam messages
  • Auto-reply
  • Automatic scheduled outgoing message

Pro Features

  • Advanced Private Box for Gesture Unlock, Entrance Hiden, Notification in Disguise
  • Free to enjoy all the Getjar paid themes (Regular price is $1.99 each)
  • Unlimited cloud storage space for message backup
  • Free MMS up to 10M file size, Up to 30 days retention period
  • Support disabling sponsored messages

Visit the official website for latest news. The app is available at Google Play store

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